Saturday, March 01, 2008

THIRD BAGRO: Credentials. Competence. Character.

What are we looking for in the next UP Diliman USC Chairperson:

1. He should be able to LEAD and SERVE; not momentarily, not for credentials, not for show.

2. He should be able to transcend political lines and boundaries. His understanding of the varying and shifting political terrain is crucial in order to get things done. He should be able to work harmoniously with his co-officers and councilmates to provide a clear direction for the whole council.

3. His claim to LEADERSHIP and SERVICE should be backed by HARD EVIDENCE -- A track record of impeccable character, competence and credentials that should equip him of the fundamentals of running the position and the council.

4. He is open and ready to listen; consensus driven and not imposing, multi-perspective and not dogmatic.

5. He should be HUMBLE and PASSIONATE. Humility comes with a firm resolve to work together; with willingness to cross boundary lines but not compromising principles.

6. He should be BOLD in approaching issues. He is not afraid to tow the line just so to provide adequate, concrete and practical solutions without letting go of principles.


UP Diliman USC Chairperson

COMPETENCE, CHARACTER, CREDENTIALS are not earned overnight. They cannot be packaged in good words. With nearly 4 years of student council experience... He is the most equipped to lead the USC. No nonsense, no empty positions.

Actions speaking louder than words.


Bachelor of Laws * Cum Laude Graduate, BA Philosophy, UP Diliman 2005, Number One Councilor, University Student Council (USC) 2007-2008 * Chairperson, ALYANSA ng mga Mag-aaral Para sa Panlipunang Katwiran at Kaunlaran * Chairperson, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP-SC) 2004-2005 * Co-Head, USC Centennial Committee 2006-2007 * Project Coordinator, USC UP Centennial Planner Committee 2006-2007 * Coordinator USC Camp Out Protest Against the Dormitory Admission Policy 2007 * Project Co-Head USC Students' Legal Aid and Action Center (SLAAC) Human Security Act Forums 2007 * Vice Chairperson, USC Committee on Culture and the Arts (CCA) 2007-2008 * Member, UP Student-led Alliance Watch Against Hazing (SAWA) 2007-Present * President, UP Law Block 2009D, 2005-2006 * Head, Talks and Events Committee, UP Freshman Law Orientation Program (FLOP) 2006 * Lounge Committee Coordinator, UP Law Bar Operations 2006 * Councilor CSSP-SC 2003-2004 * Head, CSSP-SC Education, Training and Popular Struggles' Committee 2003-2004 * Convenor, CSSP Academic Circle 2003-2004 * Recipient CSSP Leadership Award 2005 * Senior Noble Fellow, Upsilon Sigma Phi 2005 * Head, Public Relations Committee, UP Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo (UP Kapitas) 2002-2003 * Volunteer, Gawad Kalinga 2004-2005 * Member, Akbayan! Youth UP Diliman 2004-Present * Member, UP Sirkulo ng mga Kabataang Artists (UP SIKAT) 2003-2005 * Member, UP Law Charivar 2006-Present * Valedictorian, Juan Sumulong Memorial Junior College (JSMJC) 2001 * Recepient, Gerry Roxas Leadership Award