Monday, January 26, 2009

UPOU Students: How to Vote (Referendum on CRSRS)

From MyPortal:

The referendum on the Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) is from January 26 to 31.

The UPOU will conduct the referendum using the UPOU Online Voting Booth. The Booth is an online poll developed for collecting votes via Internet for voters' approval or disapproval of the CRSRS as rules and qualifications for the selection of the Student Regent. This means that UPOU students can cast their votes anywhere through this system. A computer will be provided for this purpose at the Learning Center (LC) in Diliman for students visiting the LC.

Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled during the second semester of AY 2008-2009 are qualified to vote. Active participation is strongly encouraged.

For general information about the referendum, visit:

Voting procedure:

1. Register for your Voter ID and Voter PIN. Go to

2. Enter your name, student number and email address.

3. Check your registered email address for a confirmation message from with the title "Voter ID and PIN for UP Open University Poll". If you do not receive the email after an hour, please check your Bulk/Spam folder.

4. Once you have received your Voter ID and Voter PIN, go to

5. Sign in and cast your vote.

6. The system displays a message that the voter's choice has been counted and the window can be closed.


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