Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Doctor, Doctor I am Sick...

...call the Fellow very quick!

My first day as a medical intern was overrated. Too much hype. It's either that, or it's my so-called "benign powers" at work.

There was this plump, pregnant cat lounging around the intern's area (more of an intern's window with a view of lush green vegetation in the form of mango tree branches). The way she lazed around the callroom is akin to how I was doing. No one was "codeable", and the steady stream of procedures became routine after a while.

Still, everything felt comfortably weird. This newfound responsibility accentuated by a red nameplate - cool in that it says "Dr. Albert Francis E. Domingo" for real, gave me a sense of guarded authority: confident that medical rank was conferred upon us already, but humble enough to realize that we are still students under the direct supervision of licensed physicians.

The way the Cancer Institute was endorsed to me can be summarized by this statement: "You're the only MD in the building, and the nearest code team (dedicated team of senior resident physicians tasked with advanced cardiac life support) is around 10-15 minutes away at running pace. Be prepared to take charge and do tracheal intubation, CPR, and initial steps in life support."

Gray's Anatomy? Somewhat.


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